How do you Clean Marble Tiles?

  • By:AIJIA
  • Date:2020/04/10

Many things will react with the corresponding substances when they fall to the ground, which will penetrate into the tiles and cannot be completely cleaned. This will not be repairable. Therefore, once the tiles are dirty, they should be cleaned immediately.

1. Scratch repair of tiles

In spaces that move frequently, the tiles will inevitably be marked with small marks, which will affect the smoothness and unattractiveness of the tiles. At this time, you can use the floor wax to coat the small scratches and wipe repeatedly with a softer cloth. The friction and heating of the floor wax will generate crystals, which will fill the scratches and play a repair role.

2. It's better to clean often

As far as ceramic tiles are concerned, they are similar to wooden boards and must be cleaned from time to time. The cleaning method is relatively easier. Acid-base-free cleaners are sufficient. Natural cleaners are the best.

3. Regular waxing

Marble tiles also need to be waxed. Not only can they increase the water resistance and stain resistance of the tiles, but they can also protect against some friction and impact. In gloss, they can make the tiles more shiny.

Tile gaps can be dipped in a little decontamination paste to remove dirt. In order to prevent water seepage and mold growth, you can brush the sealant in the gaps.





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