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Anti Slip Tiles: Which to Choose?

Mar 23,2023 | Aijia ceramics

Anti- slip tiles feature in their texture or veined surface, which give extra friction to the surface of the tiles.

  • So how do I do know which anti-slip tiles to use?

The anti slip tiles you ought to choose for your project depend on the sort of room you’re tiling, and therefore the level of dampness the ground is probably going to receive. for instance, a toilet would require a more gripping tile, since you’ll be stepping in and out of the bathtub or shower, and therefore the floor will likely get quite wet.

Not all tiles have anti slip properties and anti-slip grades, and not all areas in the house need anti slip tiles. For instance, a bedroom that never gets wet doesn’t necessarily require especially gripping floor space.

Each non-slip brick has its own resistance level. this is often called the ‘R’ value. R13 is that the highest you’re likely to seek out, and it’s recommended by professionals for spaces like shower rooms, changing rooms, or garden spaces. R9 and R10 ratings are more generally recommended for domestic kitchens and bathrooms, where the prospect of slipping is decreased! If the tile has an anti slip rating, you will find it on the merchandise page under 'specification'.

  • What sorts of anti slip tiles am I able to choose from?

Long gone are the times when those gritty grey floor tiles you see publicly swimming pools are the sole anti slip tiles on offer! Anti slip surfaces are applied to a huge offering of trendy tile designs – from realistic wood effects to soothing marble effects – both perfect for creating a stunning natural look in your home!