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How to Use Marble Tile Better?

Mar 27,2023 | Aijia ceramics

Marble tiles have multiple uses, but how can we pave them in a smatter way?

Let's study together!

1. the way of combination, feel more delicate marble tile.

Main points of laying: different sizes and styles and colors of tiles, according to a certain combination of tiling.

Suitable for types: European style, modern style, Retro Style and so on, paving and pasting way more rich. The marble or ceramic tile that can use color is darker than the main body ceramic tile commonly, in ground all round with 15 centimeters circumjacent, pave an effect to let a person feel to use material more delicate, and can set off space atmosphere more.

2. horizontal laid or vertical laid, suitable for simple style.

Main points of laying: laying in parallel to the wall. Brick seam alignment, at the same time with the brick color close to the gapping agent gapping processing, look clean and tidy. 

Suitable for type: for modern minimalistic style.