Q&A with AiJia

Foshan AiJia Ceramics Co., Ltd.

1. How many color shades in one container?

1-2 color shades.

2. Which type of tiles is more durable, marble or polished?

Their production is the same and their durability depends on their usage- residential or commercial. Under normal conditions, the durability is 30-50 years.

3. How many production lines do you have? How many SQM can you produce for one day ?

We have six production lines. The productivity is 15000-2000sqm/day at full capacity. 

4. What are the water absorption rate and surface flatness of your products?

Their water absorption is under 0.5%,surface smoothness is under 0.5%.

5. How to clean the wax on the surface of your porcelain products?

You can use white cement to clean them.

6.Can you find me a special product not available in your catalog?

Yes, absolutely. Every year we obsolete some products and add new ones into our catalog, but that doesn’t mean we don’t provide anything that is not in our catalog. Send an email to us about the product you need. We will find them for you.





Foshan Ai Jia Ceramics Co., Ltd.

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