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Find Tile Suppliers Online

Mar 28,2023 | Aijia ceramics

This is the best list of Chinese tile supplier sourcing websites. This list contains lesser-known websites where you find quality but cheap tile supply online. On the list, there are:

  1. 1688.com | Domestic Version of Alibaba

  2. Alibaba | Biggest B2B Website Worldwide

  3. Made-in-China | Top 3 B2B Website in China

  4. Global Sources | Pioneer of B2B Trade Platform

  5. Global Market | Major B2B Website in China

  6. HC360 | China's leading domestic B2B sourcing website

  7. Make Polo | Domestic B2B Sourcing Website

  8. CNJC | “Chinses Building Material Website” B2B Platform

  9. Ceramics China | Portal Site of Brand Tile Companies

  10. JC001 | Comprehensive Building Material B2B Platform

Unlike those common lists of Chinese sourcing website, this list includes not only English websites but also domestic websites where Chinses tile companies reach out to Chinese tile factories. With those lesser-known platforms, you can approach tile manufactures more directly and avoid trading companies in the middle, so that you can lower your costs and have an edge over your competitors.

In addition, this list contains more building material and tile specific websites, which undoubtedly are probably the best of its kind. Let’s start sourcing!