Why Choose Us?

Over 20 Years’ OEM Experience

Established in 1998, Ai Jia Ceramics strives to deliver good quality. tiles to customers at bargain prices. “Buy good quality cheap” is the core of our business value. Based in Foshan and with two large onsite warehouses and a 2000 ㎡showroom, and advanced production lines, we are one of the leading tile exporters in China. With good quality and competitive prices, we always meet our customers’ demands. We have an international customer base in 157 countries, which makes us a professional exporter familiar with import procedure in different countries.

Good Quality & Good Prices
We have strict manufacture procedure, advanced manufacture machinery, and prudent quality control. Large-scaleproduction allows us to offer competitive prices to customers with different budgets. Therefore. we have loval customersaround the world. For numerous times. we've been elected "Best Partner" by our dear customers for our auality. Ovethe past 21 vears. we've oained our reputation for ouality and competitive prices in Russia. Southeast Asia. Africa. andCentral Asia.
Self-owned Warehouses Lower Your Costs
Our warehouses can keep you updated on your purchases, and offer temporary warehousing, so that you can batch up goods to lower your average transport costs. 
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