Transaction Process

What is the standard procedure to make a transaction?
  • Inquiry:
send us an email and let us know the tile type, size, and amount
  • Sample:
if vou need a sample. please contact us. We wi have a sample sent to you
  • Contract:
we will draft a contract according to your requirements and wait for your confirmation
  • Down Payment:
once the contract is signed by both sides, the customer should make a 30% down payment. This down payment is part of the total
  • In-StockmManufacturing:
once we receie the dowm paymen,. we wil oreoare he oods for disoaich.whict takes 7 das, f ve have them n siock 0r ele, we wil make aranoemenis for
prompt manufacturing, which takes about20-25 days
  • Notification:
we wil notify you and inform you of the shipment details, when the goods are ready to be delivereo
  • Balance Payment:
before the goods are sent out, the customer should pay the rest 70% balance. which is the other part of the
  • totalLoading&Delivery:
customers can expect to pick up the goods at the destination specified. We wil provide allthe documents you need customs clearance
How long does the transaction process take?
It depends on your destination, whether you need a sample, and whether there are goods in stock. If there are in stock products, it takes at most7 days to prepare them. Otherwise, we need to make prompt manufacture arrangements. The manufacturing process takes 20-25 days. In addition, the smoothness of payments and the distance to the destination also affect the duration of the process.
What are the types of quotation?


This price includes the total of the goods and the delivery to the starting port. Once we load the products onto the ship in China, the customer takes the obligations, costs, and ownership of goods. We can book the ship for you or you can book it by yourselves.

CNF (Cost & Freight)

On top of FOB, this price also includes sea freight charges to your nearest port. From that point onwards, you take the shipment into your hands. Don’t forget to insure your goods by yourself.

The goods are delivered at the factory or a specified place. Then the obligations will shift to the buyers. In general, Ex-works approximate the total of the goods.
How to make payments?

We accept T/T (Telegraphic Transfer)orirrevocable L/C at sight, and we will specify the payment detail in the contract. The payments are preferred to be made in USD or off-shore RMB.

What are the costs of transport?
First, the costs of shipment may fall on us or the customer. It depends on the type of quotation.The components of transport costs are: trailer fee,documentation charges, customs declaration charges, and freight fee. Among them, documentation charges and customs declaration charges cost about 300-350 USD (2000 RMB).The other costs depend on the destination and the amount of goods. We will send you the details along with the contract.
I’m an individual customer, can the costs of transport be lowered?
We manage to lower the average costs of transport for our individual customers by making the full use of every unit of container capacity. It is cheaper to order a whole container (28-29m³) than order parts of a container space by m³. The wise strategy is to find products other than tiles and fully pack the container. 
Our export department can find other building materials for you, e.g., hardware, furniture, lamps, etc., and make the full use of the container capacity, so that the average costs of transport can be lowered and you can pickup the goods at one go.
Can I designate my own freight forwarder?
The goods will be shipped to the port specified by the customer. The customer can designate a freight forwarder, or we will choose a trustworthy forwarder for you. The whole shipment process is finished by a third-party forwarder.
What documents do I need to pick up the goods?
Bill of loading, packing list, and commercial invoice. Don’t worry, we will have then prepared before you pick up the goods. However, different countries have different policies. Some other specified documents might be required by your customs. Contact them in time to get that information.
I have other questions?
Please contact us via email: aijia@aijia-ceramics.com